Book Shops in Oman

Reading is without a doubt a very relaxing activity that helps you learn lots of interesting things. Even though many people prefer other activities these days, the feeling you have when reading a good book cannot be replaced by anything else. If you have just moved to Oman and you are looking for a place that sells a wide range of books then we will recommend you in the following some of the best book shops in Oman.

House of Prose

This is a reasonable book shop located in Muscat. Book lovers will certainly be captivated by its treasure trove of titles as well as unique and interesting book-swapping scheme. It is true that these days books have been replaced with tablets, but the truth is that nothing can replace the printed version of the written word, and also the wonderful feel of the pages as they turn. We recommend you to visit this location and then go for a walk down the beach in order to find a relaxing and comfortable place for fully enjoying your book. In case you are looking for a specific book, the chances of finding what you want in Muscat are quite high as this shops offers a wide range of best sellers and not only. Even if you are not an avid reader you can still find something that will draw your attention.

The Family Bookshop

This book store can be found in Qurum and it stocks English titles of Omani books. Some of them are best sellers whereas others are academic. Furthermore, visitors will be able to find here a large range of children’s, cookery, parenting, business, and self-development books. This store is officially appointed as the distributor for the entire United Kingdom print media, in addition to USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and also Newsweek. If you plan to visit Qurum and you love reading or you want to buy a present for someone close to you, then don’t hesitate and go to this lovely book shop. We are sure that at The Family Bookshop you will find what you are looking for.


Turtle’s doesn’t only sell books but souvenirs as well. This is actually one of the most popular places of this type in Oman. There is a wide variety of books starting from educational, spiritual, fiction, reference, biographies, bestseller, etc. Turtle’s has not more and not less than five outlets in Muscat. Three of them are located at International airport, one is in Hotel Intercontinental, and one has recently opened as Shangri resort. All the books from here are quite affordable and due to this advantage you can purchase as many as you want.

All in all, if you are planning a trip to Oman or if you are already living there and want to buy some good books, then make sure you go to any of the above book stores. In plus, man is a very beautiful country where you will find lots of amazing places to relax and enjoy your favourite book.

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